Things to do this summer in Irvine, California


Located in Orange County, California, Irvine is a gorgeous city that provides a wide range of opportunities for the summer. If you live in Orange County and you’re looking for something fun to enjoy during this warm season, you have to head for Irvine. What can you enjoy there? Here is a list of the things you can enjoy in Irvine, California, this summer.


Visit the Crystal Cove State Park


Although the name suggests that this is a park, the location is actually a beautiful public beach. If you like spending time at the beach, this location will definitely not disappoint you. The surroundings are clean, you get to enjoy gorgeous views, and listen to the sound of the waves. It is worth mentioning that various events are taking place over here, like hiking and tailgating, or triathlon competition. Just make sure you check the schedule when you’re in the area, in case you’re interested.


Take a walk along the Balboa Pier


This is one of the most appreciated promenade areas in Irvine. Once you get there, you will understand why. The pier offers beautiful walking trails and beautiful views over the sea. You will enjoy the breeze and the view as the sun sets after a long and warm day. There’s a beach and a beautiful park in the proximity, so you will have sufficient space to explore and enjoy. You can lounge on the beach, swim, or even fish on the pier. You can find everything you need, meaning a fishing rod and bait, in the proximity of the pier.


Enjoy a family visit at the Pretend City Children’s Museum


The Pretend City Children’s Museum is the ideal place for families with children. Over there, the young ones will not have time to get bored and the entire family can have fun and spend quality time together. The museum is actually a large playground, where children can learn as well. So, the games and activities are fun and entertaining, but give children the chance to acquire new information as well.


Water sports at The Wedge


Because Irvine has its own waterfront and beaches, it is more than normal to find beaches where you can enjoy water sports. This particular beach is visited by surfing enthusiasts in particular, due to the large waves that can be caught here. So, if you’re into surfing, Irvine will give you the chance to improve your skills. But even if you don’t know how to surf, visiting the beach, seeing the waves and other surfing is worth the effort.


Outdoor time at Irvine Regional Park


This particular park in Irvine is a green oasis that will provide unforgettable moments. There are walkways that will take you to see beautiful spots, while you’ll be surrounded by green vegetation. Also, on your walk around the park, don’t be surprised if you’ll encounter free peacocks. They are inhabitants of the park that boost the charm of this location. But, there are other birds and animals that can be seen here. If you are in love with nature and wildlife, you will love walking around this park. If you’re ever around the area, please visit our spa for our massage services in Irvine.