Sports Therapy

Sports Massage at Moon Spa 88

Moon Spa 88 is a team of experienced therapists, each with over a decade of working in healing and soothing.

In addition to many forms of Asian massages, deep tissue, and reflexology, our masseuses are professionally trained in athletic healing techniques.

Like all our services, we focus on the details. We don’t only focus on the muscles, but your entire sensory experience. We aim to melt your troubles away while we heal and invigorate your entire body.

Sports require a lot from your muscles, and your muscles need a lot in return. That is why at Moon Spa 88 we offer both pre-activity and post-activity sessions among our variety of services.

When to Get a Sports Massage

Don’t be fooled into thinking athletic healing are only for elite athletes. Our skilled therapists know just where to target to relieve the tension caused by any sport. Muscle injury is unpredictable and can strike at any time. Whether it’s racquetball after work, training for the playoffs or the occasional jog, we can help you enjoy the activities you love, without unnecessary pain.

Sports massages are a great addition regular exercise regimen or as one-time treatment. If you find you aren’t recovering as well as you used to, consider adding a pre or post-activity session into your regimen once a week or once every other week. Consider treatment on an as-needed basis if you don’t the budget or time to incorporate regular masseuse sessions into your routine. If you’ve just returned to a physical activity after a long hiatus, or if you had an abnormally intense workout, stop by even for a single treatment to see the difference it can make.

Spice Up Your Routine with Regular Massages


We believe in a holistic approach, and that means your sports performance starts long before you get on the field. Injury prevention is what makes our pre-activity session package popular.

We employ techniques to lengthen and stretch your muscles and connective tissue, such as dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching allows your tissue to achieve a full range of motion more naturally, thereby preventing injury and improving your performance.

Pre-activity athletic massages can reduce fatigue, soreness and the likelihood of injury, but even more importantly, it can improve your mood. Being in the right mental state is critical for performing your best.


The strain that sports put on your muscles is different from everyday physical activity. At Moon Spa 88, our post-activity sports session focuses on recovering muscle tissue.

Toxins build up in overworked muscles and joints, causing soreness, so our sports massage package flushes out toxins by focusing on long strokes through the muscles.

A professional sports massage can be a great way to unwind after a game or competition. You can relax knowing you’re treating your body well.

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At Moon Spa 88, we understand that each body is different, and we respect the individual needs of each athlete.

Whether you book a 60-minute session, or a full 90-minute session, we make every minute count by adjusting our technique to suit your performance and recovery needs.

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